ILASS – Europe

22nd ILASS-Europe

22nd ILASS-Europe

Dates - 08/09/2008 - 10/09/2008

Location - Lake Como, Italy

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The 22nd European Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems is held at Grand Hotel di Como, Como Lake, Italy, from Monday the 8th of September to Wednesday the 10th of September 2008.
The ILASS Conference is an annual appointment for many scientists, researchers from institutions, universities and industries who are interested in the broad branch of science dealing with multi-phase disperse flows.
The conference program includes theoretical and experimental works and simulations related to various scientific and industrial fields with a particular focus on:

Liquid atomisation
Drop deformation and break-up
Atomiser design
Injection System
Fuel spray and biofuels
Transport phenomena in sprays
Droplet evaporation and condensation
Spray-drop/wall interaction
Drop-wall collision
Modelling drop wall interaction
Spray on porous media
Measurement techniques
Laser diagnostics
Visualisation and image analysis
Computational methods in sprays
Engine sprays
Painting sprays
Inkjet applications
Spray coating
Refrigerant sprays
Spray cooling
Spray dryers
Turbine cooling
Spray towers
Metal sprays
Spray combustion
Criogenic sprays
LN2 jets
Rocket combustion modelling
Biopesticide and germicide
Drug spraying
Spray contamination
Agricultural sprays
Crop sprayers
Fire-fighter sprayers
Water mist
Fire protection systems
Flashed sprays
Effervescent sprays
Oil sprays
Spray in microgravity
Thermal sprays