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Tanasawa Award


Professor Yasusi Tanasawa

The late Professor Yasusi Tanasawa was the one of the world foremost pioneers in the research of liquid atomization. He contributed greatly to this field by ascertaining the characteristics of many different kinds of spray. One of his significant contributions was the Nukiyama-Tanasawa equation for liquid droplet distribution. In addition, he proposed many different designs for different ways of atomizing. In particular, he was noted for the swirl atomizer.

In 1982, the committee members of the council of ILASS-International proposed that future conferences should have an internatial academic award. They suggested that it should be named the Tanasawa Award in commenmoration of Professor Tanasawa’s important pioneering contributions to the field of liquid atomization and spray systems. They asked Professor Tanasawa’s disciples to put the award, including the fund raising, into practice.

The entire funding for the award was donated by the TOYOTA MOTOR Co.Ltd. This is due to the thanks of Dr.Shoichiro Toyoda, who was the former president of TOYOTA MOTORS Co. and is one of Professor Tanasawa’s disciples.

Professor Yasusi Tanasawa presented the first winner the award at the Sendai Conference by himself.

The selection committee for the Tanasawa Award has been organized to select the best paper from each previous ICLASS conference. The committee consists of nine members who are nominated from throughout the world.
The Tanasawa Award consists of the Plaque with Silver Metal, Award Certificate and Prize Award. Read more about Professor Tanasawa

Winners of Tanasawa Award for best ICLASS papers

Tainan (2015)
to be opened at ICLASS-2018
Heidelberg (2012)

“Nozzle Geometry Effects on Primary Atomization” by M. Arienti and M. Sussman

Vail (2009)

“Ultra-fast  Structured  Laser Illumination  Planar Imaging (SLIPI) for single-shot  imaging of dense sprays” by K. Kristensson,  E. Berrocal,  M. Richter, M. Aiden

Kyoto (2006)

“The Influence of Surfactants  on Impacting  Drops” by A. Rozhkov, B. Prunet-Foch, M. Vignes-Adler

Sorrento (2003)

“Detailed Analysis of Spray Structure Air Entrainment  in GDI Sprays Using a Tomographic Approach” by C. Seibel, K. Gartung,  S. Arndt and B. Weigand

Pasadena (2000)

“Investigation  of Internal Flow in Transparent Diesel Injection Nozzles Using Fluorescent Particle Image Velocimetry (FPIV)” by C. Tropea, J. K. Scalier, R. Wirth and J. Walher

Seoul (1997)

“Characterization of Liquid-Liquid Mixing in Sprays using Rainbow Refractometry” by S. V. Sankar, D. M. Robart and W. D. Bachalo

Rouen (1994)

“Study on Wave Motion and a Breakup of Annular Liquid Sheet in a Gas Stream” by H. Hashimoto, S. Kawano, H. Togari, A. lhara, T. Suzuki and T. Harada

Gaithersburg (1991)

“Application of Poisson Statistic to the Problem of Size and Volume Flux Measurement by Phase Doppler Anemometry” by C.F. Edwards and K.D. Marx

Sendai (1988)

“Advances in Diagnostics for Complete Spray Characteristics” by W. D. Bachalo, A. B. DelaRosa and R. C. Rudoff

London (1985)

“Atomization Characteristics of Superheated Liquid Jets” by N. Nagai, K. Sato and C.W. Lee

London (1985)

“The Mechanics of High Speed Atomization” by F. Ruiz and N. Chigier

Madison (1982)

“The Relationship between Atomization Characteristics and Spray Flame Structures” by R. Bolado and A. J. Yule

Tokyo (1978)

“Injection Valve of Swirl Flow Type used for Electronic Fuel Injection” by Y. Tanasawa, N. Muto and A. Saito