ILASS – Europe

PhD Proposal From CORIA FRANCE : Experimental exploration of membranes in liquid jet atomization

CNRS UMR 6614 – CORIA, Site Universitaire du Madrillet, 76801 Saint Etienne du Rouvray, TASC Department (Turbulence, Atomization& Sprays, Chaos), Atomization & Spray Group
J.B. Blaisot (, +33 232 953 676), F. Thiesset (, +33 232 953 706)
Multiphase flows, Primary atomization, image analysis, interfaces.
Oct. 2018- Oct. 2021
Monthly wage
Around 1400€ net
The objective of this PhD thesis is to characterize the dynamics of liquid jet atomization in which membrane fragmentation occurs. To this end, an experimental work will be undertaken with the aim of better quantifying the geometrical properties of liquid membrane when visualized by backlight illumination. A second task of the thesis will be devoted to the characterization of the physical mechanisms at play through a scale-by-scale analysis of the fragmentation of the membranes, contraction into ligaments and formation of droplets.


Funding for the PhD thesis is conditioned by the quality of the applicant. The candidate’s experience must align with some of the project thematic fields, namely optics, multiphase flows or image processing. A strong background in fluid mechanics is required and knowledge of C and python coding is mandatory. A master degree or in progress is required. Applicants will send a CV and a motivation letter.