ILASS – Europe

ILASS Americas 2017

Dates - 15/05/2017 - 18/05/2017

Location - Georgia Tech

ILASS-AMERICAS 2017 is the 29th Annual Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, North and South America. Like previous ILASS conferences, it provides a venue for industrialists, researchers, academics, and students engaged in the scientific development and practice of atomization to meet and share recent developments in the field. Topical areas include theory and modeling of the liquid breakup process, and applications ranging from biological and agricultural sprays, to combustion systems and engines, to deposition processes and coating, to industrial sprays.

The Conference will include:

Tutorial sessions representing a discussion of topics of broad interest to the spray community
Technical sessions at which state-of-the-art research and methods are presented.
Manufacturer’s exhibits showing the latest instrumentation and hardware in the field.
Technical committee meetings enabling participants to engage in specific topical discussions in areas of personal interest.
Organized Sessions which will include a collection of papers/presentations on new topics and topics of current interest.

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