ILASS – Europe

20th ILASS – Europe

20th ILASS - Europe

Dates - 04/09/2005 - 07/09/2005

Location - Orléans - France

Papers contained here were reviewed and were accepted by the Scientific
Committee members to whom we are grateful for their time and the efforts
devoted to the evaluation of more than 100 abstracts. We are grateful to
Dr. Joël PAGÉ for organizing and preparing all the abstracts and papers
enabling the edition of the present book. The processes of atomization and
pulverization are present in many particularly important industrial sectors
in the European economy and justify the large scientific community
working on the liquid atomization and spray systems from theoretical,
numerical and experimental approaches. The participation in the annual
ILASS conferences has grown steadily in all regions, Asia, Americas and
Europe. This does not reflect the increase in the use of atomization and
spray systems in industrial processes, but corresponds more to the
awakening than the implied basic phenomena can often be extrapolated
from one application to another and that a collective effort to improve
he understanding and prediction of spray systems is a worthwhile
endeavour. That applies to the numerical simulations and modelling but
also for the diagnostics and the experimental techniques.
The ILASS-Europe meetings, being the only European Conferences which
are specifically devoted to atomization and sprays, they provide a unique
opportunity to present the state of the art in atomization research mainly
in Europe, even though scientists of all the Continents are represented in
this event. The annual ILASS-Europe scientific meeting plays a key role in
realizing these goals and the Orléans meeting promises to maintain this
tradition. At time of press there have been 93 papers accepted for oral
presentation and over 150 participants are expected to attend. We hope
that all participants will appreciate the meeting and that it will allow a
fruitful exchange of ideas.
Dr. Christian Chauveau, Dr Iskender Gökalp