ILASS – Europe

Announcement About ICLASS 2024 Registration Fee and Hybrid Conference

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your steadfast support for the upcoming 16th ICLASS, scheduled to take place from June 23-27, 2024, in Shanghai, China. We are delighted to inform you that we have received a considerable number of abstract submissions through our online system.

Understanding the challenges posed by factors such as high travel expenses and schedule uncertainties, which may have dampened the interest in attending the conference onsite, the Local Organizing Committee engaged in thoughtful discussions. In response, we are pleased to announce the following decisions aimed at better accommodating the needs of potential attendees and fostering increased participation:

Registration Fee Discount for Students:
Students facing high travel expenses will be eligible for a registration fee discount. If the round-trip flight cost from the home country to China exceeds 1500 USD (after deducting other travel sponsorships), a 300 USD discount will be applied to the registration cost. To qualify, students must provide documentation and receipts reflecting the actual cost of the flight. For example, if a student registers with the early bird rate of 650 USD, the adjusted registration fee would be 350 USD (650 – 300).

Hybrid Conference and Switching Between the Two Modes:
The conference will be hosted in a hybrid form, allowing participants to choose between online and on-site attendance. Participants may switch their registration type from on-site to online up to two weeks before the conference’s first day. In such cases, the difference between the on-site and online registration fees (USD 200) will be fully refunded.

For example, if an attendee initially registers as regular with the early bird rate of 900 USD but decides on May 31, 2024, that he/she cannot attend on-site, the registration will be switched to online, and 700 USD (900 – 200) will be refunded with no transaction fee.

All fee reductions and refunds will be credited to the accounts of the payees within two weeks after the conclusion of the conference. Additional information will be updated on soon.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continuous support of the conference and spray research. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you in Shanghai!

Warm regards,

16th ICLASS Organizing Committee