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6th International Advanced Course on Liquid Interfaces, Drops and Sprays (LIDESP VI)

The Sixth International Advanced Course on Liquid Interfaces, Drops And Sprays will be held at the Technical University of Vienna (Austria) from 4th to 7th September 2018, just before the 12th European Fluid Mechanics Conference (EFMC12).

The course objective is to provide participants with detailed, up-to-date knowledge on the physics of drops and sprays based on recent research results and the most updated methods for the prediction of dynamic outcomes, heat transfer, wettability effects, and its applications to technological and industrial areas.

The course is addressed to scientists, professionals, company engineers, R&D managers and graduate students in the fields of Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Applied and Fundamental Sciences. This course is especially of interest to those dealing with phenomena involving drops and sprays, in order to get acquainted with the traditional background and the most recent developments of the discipline.


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